The Use of Plants of the Genus Ulmus L. in Landscaping and Landscape Arrangements

V.P. Shlapak, S.A. Maslovata


The lack of species and form diversity of plants of the genus Ulmus in Right-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine and a significant species and form diversity in collection plantings through which there is a possibility of a significant expansion of the available range induced the research conducted. During the studied period the survey of street and park plantings in Right-Bank Forest Steppe of Ukraine was carried out to study the presence of Ulmus. genus plants and determine their number. It is shown that the most widespread species of Ulmus genus are U. glabra, U. laevis, U. minor and U. pumila. Ornamental forms U. g. 'Pendula', U. g. 'Albo-Variegata', U. g. 'Rubra' and U. g. 'CrispaPyramidalis' are found in botanical gardens and parks. We also studied measurements of studied specimen, as well as their condition and decorative value. The oldest age related U. glabra trees aged 300 years were recorded in Kyiv city in Kobzarska Street and trees aged 250 years were recorded in the village of Mezhyrich, Kaniv district, Cherkasy region. 200-year-old U. laevis and U. glabra trees were found in the National arboretum "Sofiyivka", NAS of Ukraine. Results of the study of the species structure of street plantings in Uman city show that plants of Ulmus genus are well represented. According to the survey of plantings four types of the studied genus were found (U. glabra, U. laevis, U. minorта U. pumila) in plantings of common use. Ornamental forms of species of Ulmus L. genus in street plantings were not found. The most common are U. laevis plants in urban plantings of Uman city (53 plants) and U. pumila plants (42 members of this species). Plants that grow in open spaces have a lengthy and low crown – U. glabra plants in Gorkogo Street, U. laevis at Schools No.2 and 7, U. pumila in Shevchenka Street and Kindergarten No.3 "Sofiyka". In conclusion, the general condition of plants can be described as good and assessed by high points, the height of all plants of the studied genus and the crown projection depend on the species and habitat.


Ulmus L.; ornamental forms; landscaping; taxonomic composition; distribution

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