Simulation of Electromagnetic Field Distribution of the One-dimensional Periodic Structure

I.V. Nychai


Theflowchartforcalculatingaspatialdistributionoftheelectromagneticfieldexcitedextraneoussourceinthepresenceofone-dimensionalperiodicstructurewasconsidered. A fulfilment of the algorithm in Matlab environment is represented. The examples of calculations of the functional dependence between field intensity and solid angle for the two values of the period of the structure are shown. The possibility of application of the developed computer model to study the peculiarities of formation of the field when changing the design factors of the dielectric plate, the dielectric constant of which is modulated by a periodic sequence of rectangular function, and the excitation frequency of the electromagnetic field source is proposed.


one-dimensional periodic structure; dielectric plate; electromagnetic field; mathematical model; simulation

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