The Structure of Pine Stands at the Left-bank Forest-steppe of Ukrainian

V.Y. Yarotkiy, T.S. Pyvovar, V.P. Pasternak, A.V. Garmash


The results of the study of forest stand structure and characteristics of dead wood in the pine forests of the Left-bank Forest-steppe of Ukraine are discussed. Forest-taxation indices of stands in forest inventory and monitoring plots are presented. Indicators for sustainable forest management (growing stock, the stock of dead wood, carbon stock) are defined. Peculiarities of trees' distribution by diameter and phitomass structure of modal forest stands of Scots pine are found out. Stocks and distribution of dead wood on the components (dead wood and fallen trees), tree species and stages of decomposition are presented.


Left-bank Forest-steppe; pine stands; structure; dead wood; lying deadwood

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