The Problems of Rehabilitation of the Forests Contaminated by Radionuclides in Ukrainian Polissya

V.P. Krasnov, T.V. Kurbet, Z.M. Shelest


The results of the study of the patchiness of radioactive contamination of the forests of Ukrainian Polissya during the first years after and in 28 years of the Chernobyl accident are shown. It is shown that the variation of the density of soil contamination in forest plantations can now reach 50 %. The significant decrease in the levels of radioactive contamination of forests allowing rehabilitation of forest management and forest management activities is noted. The necessity of further forests investigation is justified. The analysis of normative documents that regulate the rehabilitation of forests and forestry production is done.


radionuclides; radioactive contamination; the density of radioactive contamination of the soil; forest management; forest rehabilitation; forest management activities

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