The Problem of the Impact of Surface-active Agents and Synthetic Detergents on the Hydrosphere

M.S. Malovanyy, L.M. Djedyk, S.B. Marakhovska, V.Т. Shandrovyсh, A.O. Marakhovska, S.I. Huhlych


The analysis of the surface-active agents (SAA) impact on the environment caused by their physical properties (functional effect) and of the real or potential harm due to the discharge of the used home chemical products in water objects, containing phosphates and other phosphate compounds, including phosphate- rich SAA was done. The European Union and Ukrainian legislation on the use of synthetic detergents and SAA was also analyzed. The data of experimental investigations on the ability of some noniongenetic, anion and amphoteric SAA to complete biodegradation in water are presented. Some recommendations on the minimization of the hydrosphere pollution are developed.


surface-active agents (SAA); synthetic detergents; biodegradation; hydrosphere pollution

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