The Research of the Growth of One Year Old Oak Seedlings Grown in Containers with Different Substrate Composition

О.I. Lyalin


Some basic values of biometric indicators of one year old oak seedlings grown in containers with different substrate composition are studied and described. The influence of substrate components of the container on the diameter and height of seedlings stems and roots length, and their relationship is analysed. The research was conducted in the state enterprise "Chuguevo-Babchanske Forestry" in Kharkiv Forestry and Hunting Administration.

One year old height and diameter oak seedlings was estimated to be significantly higher than control and has the highest value in research options with the composition of the substrate peat: soil – 1: 1 and soil: humus, sawdust – 4: 4: 2.


oak; substrate; container seedlings with closed root system; root collar diameter; height; root length

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