The Impact of Stands Composition on Mycological Soil Structure

L.I. Kopiy, V.M. Gonchar, S.L. Kopiy, V.P. Oliferchuk, M.L. Kopiy


The analysis of the impact of stands composition on the structure of microorganisms in the top layer of soil is conducted. To study the ecological role of individual trees in creation of mycological communities of fresh oak pine forests of Western Polissya, mycological soil structure in pure pine, birch and pine with a slight (10 %) admixture of birch and pine-birch mixed with birch (20 %) stands is investigated. It is noted that the lowest number of Micromycetes species characterized the area with a clean pine stands, where 17 fungi species were identified. In the top layer of soil on the section number 2, 20 Micromycetes species were identified and the section number 3 26 fungi species were counted. The greatest similarity of fungi species patterns recorded between ecotypes 2 (section 2) and 3 (Section 3), and the largest difference between ecotypes 1 (section 1) and 3 (Section 3). The growth of Shannon coefficient and Simpson index reduction of fungi species diversity is noticed in areas with increasing in the pine composition of hardwood stands.


stands; stand composition; pine; birch; type of forest site conditions; research area; micromyceta; soil

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