Some Current Problems in the Area of Untreated Wood Trade and Factor Analysis of the Activity of Woodworking Enterprises in Ukraine

O.B. Mnykh, В.D. Hrechyn


Some actual problems in untreated wood trade in the external and domestic market are considered. It is proved that the gap in goals and resources of wood processing enterprises, the use of outdated forms of auctioned untreated wood, unpreparedness of domestic producers with European markets cast doubt on the prospects for economic growth timber industry. The reasons for low investment attractiveness, as well as areas of improvement in the woodworking industry are uncovered. The content characteristics of qualitative changes in the external environment of functioning of woodworking companies and their loss are given. A quantitative assessment of factors affecting the financial performance of the woodworking enterprises, using mathematical methods of regression analysis, is conducted.


untreated wood; trade; factor analysis; regression model; the auction trade

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