Some Features of Firewood Qualimetry

I.M. Sopushynskyy, I.S. Vintoniv, I.I. Kharyton, R.V. Ostashuk


Some issues of efficient use of firewood that was supplied to Perechyn Wood-Chemical Plant are reviewed. The emphasis has been made on the qualimetry of firewood as raw material in the view of "tree species – density – moisture content calorific value". The visual grading of firewood into three groups according to the qualitative characteristics has been proposed. The density of firewood in oven dry condition has been investigated for Common ash, oak, European beech, sycamore, hornbeam and birch. The variation of wood density in the oven-dry condition was researched. The influence of moisture content of wood on its calorific value has been analyzed.


firewood; qualimetry; calorific value; wood density

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