The Effect of Moisture and Temperature on the Strength of Thermoplastic Adhesive Hardwood Joints

B.Ya. Kshyvetsky


The results of studies of the effect of atmospheric moisture and ambient temperature on the strength of polyvinyl acetate adhesive joints of hardwoods on the example of oak wood are given. A mathematical model for predicting the strength of thermoplastic adhesive wood joints is used. The results of predicting the strength of adhesive oak wood joints are analyzed. The influence of oak wood structure as well as chemical components of structured and unstructured polyvinyl acetate adhesives on the strength of adhesive joints during operation is investigated. The pattern of change in the strength of thermoplastic polyvinyl acetate adhesive oak wood joints depending on varying atmospheric moisture and ambient temperature is established.


adhesive; wood; strength; moisture; temperature; adhesive joints; predicting; water resistance; heat resistance

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