The Evaluation of Economic Efficiency of Reforestation Measures

L.D. Zahvoyska, I.V. Shvediuk


The essence of economic category "economic efficiency of reforestation" is defined. The algorithm of evaluation of reforestation measures economic efficiency based on the theory of the cost-benefit analysis and total economic value, the ecosystem approach and the concept of sustainable forest management is provided. Willingness to pay of Brody and Radekhiv districts (Lviv region) local community for reforestation in the interests of future generations is assessed. The results of the study confirmed the importance and usefulness of taking into account the components of non-use value, including the bequest value, in forest decision-making based on the principles of sustainable development.


economic efficiency; reforestation; questionnaire; total economic value; ecosystem approach; sustainable forest management; willingness to pay; contingent valuation method

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