Some Distribution Features and Performance of Oak Forests of Transcarpathia

L.I. Kopiy, I.V. Phizyk, S.L. Kopiy, V.O. Ahiy, M.L. Kopiy


The analysis of the distribution, productivity, species composition of oak forests of Transcarpathia is made. The features of the age structure of oak stands and dynamics of their area are studied. The material breach of value forest stand age groups, including the dominant position occupied by middle-aged, are found. It is noted that within the analyzed region favorable conditions for the growth of high-performance groves, where the highest average growth characterized boled oak plantations aged 41-60 years, are formed. Among the analyzed oak forest only 26.2 % are indigenous boled oak stands, much of the forest stand is particular for its 0.7 below. As a result of the distribution of the roots of oak stands and derivatives, the proportion of original forest stands is proved to be significant and is 50.4 %. The need for greater attention to ensure natural regeneration of oak, timely holding, inspection cuts, reducing the area of derivatives stands and a gradual increase in the area of oak forests in the area of research are justified.


oak stands; structure; completeness; performance; age structure; typological analysis; fundamental and original stands

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