O.M. Udovytskyі, I.F. Soltys


Work of chain conveyor is characterized by considerable dynamic loads in its elements. Although dynamic processes in conveyor traction elements studied in many works, the problem of analysis of stress-strained state of conveyors is covered not enough. Therefore, modeling and optimization of transporters transient dynamic processes as multimass systems are of great practical importance because they determine the performance and reliability. Methods of complex study of the conveyor is to create three-dimensional models, conduct engineering design, dynamic analysis and study of stress-strain state of the most loaded elements. To study and research of stress-strain state software modules can be used for preparation and subsequent finite-element analysis of three-dimensional solid model. Calculation and rational designing concrete poles conveyors includes an assessment of the sections strength for the bearing capacity of the system in which the loss of strength is inadmissible. The equation of the system performing rotational movements, as well as horizontal and vertical movement are composed using the Lagrange equations of the second type. Recommendations to reduce the negative impact of dynamic phenomena affecting on chain conveyor work are proposed, namely dynamic forced oscillations can be reduced by reducing of the chain step, by increasing of chain speed, by offering such chain design that will reduce the negative impact of fluctuations in the dynamic processes of the conveyor.


machine of continuous action; modeling; dynamic analysis; integrated design; finite-element model

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