The Undergrowth Spacing Structure under the Canopy of Mature Pine Trees under Rivnenske Polissya Pine Wood Conditions

A.V. Vishnevsky


Some peculiarities of the natural pinewood reconstruction have been considered in Rivnenske Polissya pine woods. The dynamics of the reconstruction processes and the spacing structure, the peculiarities of growth and development of undergrowth under the canopy of mature pine trees are demonstrated. Over the past few decades, the question of natural pinewood reconstruction has been considered again whereas it is necessary to preserve their species, genetic diversity and to increase the biological stability and productivity. The natural pinewood reconstruction and the vitality of after- and under- growth of the main species are extremely significant for the forest ecosystem stability. The most topical criterion is the self-reconstruction ability for the forest conditions where the lack of or excessive moisture providing and the poverty of fertilizer element for the forest cover is sensible.


common pine; undergrowth; forest reconstruction; pine wood conditions; frequency

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