Main Areas of Formation of Highly Productive Birch-Pine Forest Stands in Western Polissya

L.I. Kopiy, Yu.Yo. Kahanyak, S.L. Kopiy, M.M. Mykhaylemko, O.I. Kopiy


Theresultsofstudiesconductedonpermanentstudyareainbirch-pinestandsoffreshPinetumsitetype ("A" sitetype: infertilepineforestsitetype) arepresented. Inventory and biometric estimates of forest parts have been provided for sample plots. The results of studies concerning the influence of thinning intensity on forming inventory indices for birch-pine stands under conditions of the forest type under consideration are analysed. Some patterns of stand inventory indices changes at the age of stand's cleaning have been investigated. The peculiarities of timber volume accumulation differentiated in equal parts have been revealed. Varying thinning intensity was found to have a significant impact on stand growing stock structure. The pooled data obtained allow for balanced scientific approach to silvicultural activities planning in birch-pine stands of fresh "A" site type in the process of forestry management.


forest stand; growing stock; pine; birch; site class; average age; type of site conditions; relative density; structure; permanent study area; inventory and biometric indices

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