O.M. Lesnik


Existing scientifically based regulatory framework for the assessment of the volume and quality of its size-structure is a prerequisite for efficient registration and use of wood, which is harvested during reconstructive cuttings in urban plantings. Therefore, the research aims at developing standards of volume and size-structure of high-quality trees Aesculus hippocastanum greenery in Kyiv. To study the features of size-quality structure of Aesculus hippocastanum trees we used materials collected during the reconstruction of urban forest. Collection of the research information was carried according to the classical forest estimation method taking into account the features of forest estimation object. Product specification of tree trunks was carried out according to GOST 9462-88. Due to biological features of Aesculus hippocastanum trees, lack of central axis of a tree trunk around tree height total volume was divided into volume of the tree trunk (Vст) and crown (Vкр). In further studies given volumes in relative terms (Рст, Ркр) were adjusted with the help of regression analysis and analyzed using correlation analysis. The regularity of distribution of the total trunk volume on industrial wood, waste, wood from the total trunk volume and rough, medium and small wood from the volume of industrial wood were studied (Pділ, Рдров, Рвідх, Ргрб, Рсрд, Рдрб) and the correlations between the given indexes and diameter and height of the tree, and height of the tree to the branching were analyzed. Data given in the correlation matrix show that indexes of size-quality wood structure closely correlate with a tree diameter. This fact, as well as the analysis of the literature gave us the reason to use only the tree diameter as an argument in regression equations. In a conducted study the system of regulatory reference data was made for preliminary estimate of volume and size-quality tree structure that is harvested during reconstructive cuttings in urban forest of Kyiv. Standards developed for material estimates of wood material, including stacked-volume ratio and other features of trees that have grown in the conditions of urban environment. Thus, these standards according to the form relate to no category and they are determined by the diameter, tree height and tree height to the branching.


diameter; height; volume; mathematical model

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