System analysis of the statistical evaluation of the state of the stochastic vibration system and the principle of shunting

Ya.P. Drahan, Yu.I. Gryciuk, Yu.B. Palyanytsya


Research shows the procedure of the system analysis of the mathematical model of vibration signals for stochastic systems in the form of periodically correlated random process as the theory of probability. We describe logically the most transparent statistical method for assessing the state of such systems by means of the theory of this model. It has been shown that it is adequate to the situation where, during the study of complex formation vectors of these systems – signals propagating in a physically different environments have different conversion mechanisms and, therefore, subject to fundamentally different rules (like surface waves and sound pressure pulses) and their generator is the predetermined process. Formulated the so-called generalized principle of grafting as a mechanism to provide additional data and to bring them as complementary (complementary) with regard to these states of the system. Shown when dealing with signals from various sources, but are subject to the same laws (for example, satisfy the same equation), it is often useful to modeling their only principle of similarity and physical analogies. In this simulation system is used other than the simulated, the physical nature, for example, processes in the hydrodynamic elements are often similar processes in the electromagnetic components.


stochastic vibration system; mathematical model; periodically correlated random process; statistical estimation; generalized shunt

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