Institutional Bases of Interpretation of the Economic Systems in the Conditions of Strengthening of their Environmentally Sustainable Development and Globalization

Ya.V. Kulchytsky, B.V. Kulchytskyj, M.V. Malinovska, N.V. Dgygora


Some basic theory-methodological approaches of home and foreign scientists to interpretation of the economic systems in the conditions of environmentally sustainable development and strengthening of globalization in the context of institutional approach and modern paradigm discourse are analysed. The authors of this scientific secret service try to learn what sources and reasons stipulated evolution of approaches to understanding of maintenance of the economic systems and what exactly theoretical bases researchers lean on their conclusions. Critically estimating looks of home and foreign scientists, authors substantiate own conceptual approach to interpretation of the economic systems in the conditions of becoming informative, society of knowledges.


modern economic systems; methodology; institutional approach; environmentally sustainable development; globalization; informative society; society of knowledges; post-industrial paradigm

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