The Carbon Balance of Natural Systems in Western Ukraine

A.G. Chaskovskyy, Yu.S. Myklush, Kyumerle Tobias, Olofson Pontus


Land use is a critical factor in the global carbon cycle, especially as a result of overgrowing of farmlands by forests. It is important to estimate the influence of land use on volume of carbon sequestration in natural complexes and their carbon potential. Carbon fluxes basing on land use in the 20th century were analyzed and potential future carbon fluxes until 2100 for a range of forest expansion and logging scenarios were modeled by using maps of change in forest and farmland cover from 1988 to 2007. These maps are based on satellite images, statistical data and carbon accounting model. Future forest expansion will most likely maintain or even increase trend of the region's carbon sink to 1.48 TgCyr-1.


forest vegetation; lumbering; reforestation; afforestation; carbon sequestration; modeling

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