Genetic Identification of Bacillus Pumilus in a Pine Stand

Yu.I. Shalovylo, V.A. Kovaleva, R.T. Gout


The method of identification of Bacillus pumilus DNA in Pinus sylvestris L. tissues by polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using specific primers was presented. This method was tested for the identification of B. pumilus strain in a 73 – years old pine stand.  The presence of B. pumilus DNA in tissues of pine trees with characteristic signs of bacterial dropsy, which confirms participation of B. pumilus in the pathological processes, was established. The diagnostics of sanitary conditions in the pine plantations of different age classes in Sudova Vyshnya Forestry of Sambir State Forest Enterprisewas conducted.


Bacillus pumilus; Scots pine; bacteriosis; PCR analysis

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