Typological Variety of Forests of the Psel River Basins

L.I. Tkach, О.В. Воndar


In this essay we present the results of the analysis of typological variety of forests of the Psel River basins which was carried out on the basis of selective data base provided by Ukrainian State Forest Management Planning Association. We determined 35 basins using MapInfo Professional 12.5 program and a vector map of Ukraine. More than 49 types of forests of total area of 137.8 thousand hectares were analyzed. We drew up general characteristics of the Psel River. In the process of analysis the area of the 35 basins and their actual forest area were determined, with the latter falling within the range from 0.1 % (the Udava River) to 34.5 % (the Grun-Tashan River). We studied forest composition and structure along the tributaries of the Psel River, the largest share of which belongs to oak and pine forests occupying 75.6 % of total lands covered with forest vegetation. The following types dominate over the rest of forest types of the Psel River basins: maiden maple and linden grove (44.7 %), maiden oak and pine wood (19.5 %), maiden linden, oak and pine subdubravas (8.4 %) and maiden pinery (4.5 %).


forest types; water catchment of the Psel river; Quercus robur L.; Pinus sylvestris L.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15421/40260523


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