Dynamic Formation of Personalized Content of Tourist Mobile Applications "Multimedia Guide"

V.V. Pasichnyk, V.V. Savchuk, O.A. Lozytskyy


The in-depth analysis of the processes of intellectual dynamic individual formation of audio and video content to mobile information user's support during his tourist travel is conducted. The main goal is to develop methodological approaches that are appropriate to apply for designing one of the subsystems of innovative intelligent system "MIAT" (Mobile Information Assistant Tourists) which provides formation and processing of audio and video content required for individual information technology user support during his excursions. The presentation of the research conducted by the authors of the study is generalised. Some proposals to use the travel guide in DAISY format, as sources of multimedia content, something accompanies a trip or excursion, are presented.


audio guide; multimedia tourist guides; dynamic formation of content; personalized information content; tourist information technology; audio tours; sightseeing content; DAISY format; "Quantum of Knowledge"

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15421/40260136


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