Frost Resistance of Species and Forms of Ulmus L. Genus under the Conditions of Uman City

S.A. Maslovata


The frost resistance of tissues of stems and generative buds of the genus Ulmus L. in the conditions of compelled rest was investigated. The results of direct freezing of shoots laboratory method using a system of coefficients with an improved assessment of the degree of tissue damage that takes into account their physiological disparity in the life and regeneration ability of plants were presented. The minimum critical temperatures that affect the growth and development of members of the genus that grow in cultural dendroflora city of Uman were set. Discovered that damage to the escape have a similar trend for all investigated species, which may indicate similarity of their biological properties. The most resistant to low temperatures was the middle part of the escape in the internode, the less stable is the upper part of the escape and the tissues around the kidney and the kidney.


types and forms of the genus Ulmus; frost; freezing; temperature; stems; degree of damage; the tip of the shoot; middle of escape; a section through the kidney

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