Some Peculiarities of Chlorophyll Fluorescence Induction in Leaves of Acer Platanoides L. Cultivars under Conditions of Kyiv City

M.V. Manko, N.O. Oleksiychenko, O.I. Kitaev


The comparative assessment of functional state of the pigment complex in leaves of the widespread in greening of Kyiv city Acer platanoides L. cultivars was presented. According to the analysis of the changes of the chlorophyll fluorescence induction in leaves the effect of growing conditions with varying degrees of anthropogenic stress and genotype specificity of studied cultivars on individual indicators and coefficients that characterize the course of the light phase of photosynthesis and the efficiency of photochemical processes for dark phases during the summer months was determined. The analysis of the data revealed the dependence of the parameters of chlorophyll fluorescence induction from anthropogenic stress for the species and all studied cultivars except A. p. 'Schwedleri', which indicates its tolerance to urban conditions and gives reason to believe in the expediency of wider use of these plants in the difficult conditions of the urban environment.


Norway maple; cultivar; induction of chlorophyll fluorescence; leaves; photosynthesis; urban plantings

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