Anti-Erosion Litter Properties of Park Plants in Complex Terrain

V.V. Minder


Power, composition, thespatialdistributionoflitter, dependingonthecompositionofplantsandterrainconditions (exposure, andtheswiftnessoftheslope) are investigated. Reserve, fractional composition and the absolute dry weight of litter are identified. As a result of research 63 samples of litter plants at 21 temporary plots in complex terrain in Golosiivskiy Park of Culture and Rest named after M. Rylskiy in Kiev established the water-physical parameters of the litter (weight of absorbed water, foliate litter coefficient, moisture capacity) seven species of woody plants, that grow on the slopes steepness before 26o.


park plants; complex terrain; litter; anti-erosion properties; power; reserve; moisture capacity

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