Formation population of Crimean pine (Pinus pallasiana D. Don) on Iron Ore Dumps of Kryvorizhzhya

O.V. Krasnoshtan


The structure of self-seeding Pinus pallasiana D. Don plantations around 30-35 per annum on a big heap of iron ore in Krivoy Rog. It was established that the restoration of varying intensity in the last 10 years is every year, the area of self-seeding 2,4-21,5 times greater than a mother plantation area, and the density of healthy young plants up to 80 individuals per 100 m2. With the biometric features 10-year-old self-seeding on iron ore dumps little self-seeding yields the ashes in natural populations of P. pallasiana Mountain Crimea. Allelic diversity of self-seeding in iron ore dumps in poorer Deputy 20.5 % 16 polymorphic isozyme loci than 80-100 trees per annum of the Crimean population, although the level of heterozygosity they differ little. In the iron ore dumps actually in the process of formation of extra-zonal populations of P. pallasiana by self-seeding trees initial planting and restoration of young plants that have reached the reproductive stage of development.


P. pallasiana; plantations; self-seeding; biometric indicators; genetic variability; iron ore dump; Kryvorizhzhya

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