Overall and Partial Windfalls of the Forest in Gorgany (Based on the Materials of SE "Vyhodske Lisove Hospodarstvo")

V.S. Oliinyk, A. Yu. Rak


The areas and the stocks of the damaged wood in the regions of partial and overall forest windfalls have been characterized. The restriction of the natural phenomena to the orographic conditions of the mountainous locality – high-rise placement on the slopes of ridges, their exposure and steepness has been analyzed. The peculiarities of spreading the windfalls in different types of forest and plantations with different part of fir have been shown. The data on the damaged forest distribution according to the age and completeness are presented in the article. The influence of the plantation completeness reduction by selective sanitary felling and adjacent areas of young woods and logs is defined.


forest windfalls; forest types; topography; plantations; stands; taxation indexes; logs; forest felling

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15421/40260501


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