The Assessment of Atmospheric Air Condition within Svyatoshynsky District of Kyiv City Applying Lichenoindication Method

М.М. Radomska, Т.V. Strava, О.А. Kolotylo


The basic principles of monitoring as well as the advantages and disadvantages of lichenoindication method for the study of urban ecosystems air condition have been considered. The characteristics of environment condition and technogenic pressure on Svyatoshinsky district of Kyiv city have been presented. The spatial distribution of the main pollutants has been investigated. The air quality in the study area based on lichens population status has been analyzed. The species diversity, abundance and lichen flora vitality have been analyzed. The assessment of environmental condition and functionality of tree plantations in the study area has been performed. The dominant influence of transport pressure and unauthorized waste dumping has been established as major factors of environmental situation formation.


lichenindication; biomorphological signs; tree stand; transect; air pollution

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