Vibrocavitator for Water Disinfection of Opened Reservoirs

L.I. Shevchuk, О.І. Strogan, I.Z. Koval, T.S. Falyk


The description of the constructive structure of autonomous vibratory cavitator for water aeration of reservoirs and inactivation of its biological contaminants, including cyanobacteria, which cause water blooms has been presented. Its main elements are the platform mounted on an air cylinder with vibrocavitator and air chamber, and cavitation breaker immersed into the water. The productivity cleaning of contaminated water is 100÷150 m2 of shallow stretch of the water for 8÷10 hours of autonomous power source. The device is considered to be high-performance, manevrenen, and suitable for effectively combating fish kills in open biologically contaminated, including Citrobacter, reservoirs, independent of stationary power sources.


water; biological contamination; cavitation; electromagnet; air cylinder; platform

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