Infectious Diseases of Betula Pendula L. in Plantations of Zhytomyr Polissya, Ukraine

M. V. Shvets


Some results of studies of species of infectious diseases of Betula pendula in Zhytomyr Polissya of Ukraine, and the description of their biological and morphological features as well as lesion symptoms are presented. Attention is focused on the sensitivity of birch to different taxonomic and functional groups of mico- and microorganisms, especially pathogens of bacteriosis. It is shown that among pathogens of leaf spot dominating are anamorphic fungi belonging to Deuteromycota division. Widespread basidiomycetes, including order Aphyllophorales that cause rottenness of birch trunks of varying intensity are established. Currently, certain bacteria including bacterial dropsy should be regarded as the most harmful agents causing infectious diseases of Betula pendula, which leads to its rapid extinction.


infectious diseases; symptoms; pathology; pathogenesis; prevalence; phytosanitary microorganisms; micoorganisms

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