Influence of forest management on the structure hornbeam-oak stands under transcarpathia

I.V. Fizyk, S.L. Kopiy, V.O. Ahiyy, O.I. Kopiy, Yu.Yo. Kaganiak, L.I. Kopiy


A performanceanalysis, disseminationandsquareoakforestsofTranscarpathia. Investigatedripehornbeam-oak forest stands at the State Forestry Enterprise Vynohradiv. Done instrumental inventory and distribution of forest stands held at the elementary parts of the main biometric parameters. Noted presence dispersion form distribution of tree diameter and structure of the stock. The analysis of biometric parameters of forest elements allowed to mention the existence of different distributions of trees in diameter. Distinguished four types of distribution for oak aged the main cabin. For each of the selected type of distribution of trees in diameter installed structural features natural reserve and its changes over equal parts stand. The peculiarities of the oak structure stands reflecting the impact of forest management on the structure of the distribution of reserves and diameter.


hornbeam-oak stands; biomtric structure; diameter distribution; biometric indicators; stock; structure; analyze; fresh hornbeam-oak; equal parts

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