The Effect of Drainage Reclamation on the Radial Increment of Pine and Oak Stands in Zhytomyr Polissya

I.M. Ustsky, O.A. Mihaylichenko, M.G. Rumyantsev


The results of the investigation of radial increment of pine and oak stands in Zhytomyr Polissya under the influence of drainage reclamation are shown. Some patterns of dynamics for annual increment of pine and oak were analysed depending on the effect of land reclamation. Virtually, drainage reclamation had no influence on the amount of the increment of autumn pine wood in stands of VII and IX age classes, but the increment of spring wood was lower under the influence of reclamation. The influence of reclamation on the radial increment of oak trees of age class VII was positive. An increase in oak autumn wood increment of almost 80 % was noted.


radial increment; drainage reclamation; autumn wood; spring wood

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