The Effect of Thinning on Forest Indicators of Natural Beech Young Stands of Transcarpathia

I.F. Shyshkanynets, V.G. Mazepa


The influence of thinning of different intensity on inventory indices of beech young stands of natural origin is defined. It is established that the thinning intensity of 33% in the number of trees (15 % margin) held in jennekes initial number of trees 5450 pes∙ha-1, two years after logging contributed to the increase in the current increment to the stock of wood after it is cut by 33 %. At a lower intensity of logging, the current increments to the stock of timber after felling reached a smaller size. The current periodic increment of the tree species at the age of thinning also depends on the composition of the stand.


intermediate felling; thinning; beech saplings; intensity of felling; stand composition; inventory indices; current annual increment

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