A.Ya. Tabachuk


Greening and globalization significantly influence the current functioning and transformation of existing and developing economic systems. Greening economic systems, forming a new environmental policy of countries all over the world is an objective necessity today. Therefore, the aim of our study is to examine the problem of interaction between man and nature at the beginning of the third millennium, in the context of research and comparative analysis of modern economies. In the process of research we discovered that characteristic dominators of the modern economic systems transformation at the beginning of the third millennium are greening and globalization. We suggested using the activity approach, reconsidered and adjusted according to the modern conditions of the economic systems functioning. Contradictions were found between the traditional market economy and ecological challenges. Greening is a complex, multi-sided and quite disputable process of economic activity approach towards the life activity forms which exist in the natural system without the human intervention. Furthermore, we shouldn't identify greening to the nature protection. Greening is much wider notion than "nature protection", moreover, the latter is an element of transformation processes of macro-economic complex qualified as greening. We are convinced that the economic theory based on the postindustrial paradigm becomes theoretical and methodological basis, the foundation on which the ecological economy is formed as a sphere of knowledge studying mutual relations between natural and economic systems and which, in its turn, serves as a reflection of ecological imperative in the economic theory. Finally, we have made the conclusion that greening of civilizational, and, primarily, economic development is an objective necessity of nowadays.


economic system; greening of economic systems; globalization; activity approach; post-industrial civilization

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