P.P. Lazanovskyi, O.R. Danylyk, M.V. Voloshchak


Publishing business in Ukraine has its own characteristics and conditions of operation. The variability of conditions is influenced by a number of external and internal factors that encourage it to "behave" in certain periods of time to respond to them. The proof of this is significant changes in the volume of publishing production in dynamic for several years. Ignoring the factors influencing the publishing business can lead to considerable risks in its proceeding. Consequently, the purpose of the study is the identification and analysis of factors affecting the domestic publishing business. The results are as follows. Firstly, the features of the proceeding of modern domestic publishing business in terms of systemic economic crisis and high competition are observed. Secondly, the basic indicators of its development for five years are analyzed and definite conclusions about the impact of external and internal factors on it are made. The impact of external factors on the publishing business with the use of PEST-analysis is investigated. Then, the internal factors' impact on publishing business condition and development are systematized. The need to consider the studied factors in an integrated approach is noted. Finally, it is emphasized that consideration of the factors influencing the publishing business is one of the important conditions for reducing its risks. The content difference of factors influencing the publishing business is specified, depending on the nature of social and economic processes in society. The conclusions are as follows. The effects of the systemic crisis influences publishing business in Ukraine. In order to reduce its negative effects, we must consider internal and external factors of influence on it. The analysis of the domestic publishing business points to its instability. All the factors such as political, economic, institutional, social, technical, technological, etc. that influenced the publishing business should be considered for their content but necessarily in complex. Each publishing structure should define its inherent factors of influence the publishing business to effectively take them into account in its proceeding. Thus, the perspective of study of this problem, in our opinion, is the profound analysis of each of the aforementioned types of factors by joint efforts of researchers and practicians.


publishing; publishing business; external and internal factors analysis; efficiency

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15421/40270213


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