The Development of the Methods of Forests Examination for their Further Rehabilitation on the Territory Contaminated by Radionuclides

V.P. Krasnov, T.V. Kurbet, S.V. Sukhovetska


The data on 137Cs distribution in sod-podzolic soils in wet bory and sugrudy for determining the depth of soil sampling during forest examination in 1994 and 2012 years for further soil rehabilitation were presented. The values of the radionuclide specific activity and radiation contamination density in the forest floor layers, as well as in the soil mineral part were used to substantiate the detected regularities. It is shown that in 1994 year the major part of the radionuclide was concentrated in the upper 10-cm soil layer. 137Cs transition to the deeper soil layers was observed to occur with a lapse of time. The conclusion was drawn that at the present time, soil sampling to a depth of 25 cm is required while examining forests for their further rehabilitation.


forest rehabilitation; radionuclides; soil radiation contamination; radionuclide specific activity; forest plantations

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