Thermal Radiation-induced Processes in Radiation-colored Crystals of CaF2-Na. Part 3

Z.P. Chornyi, I.B. Pirko, V.M. Salapak, M.V. Dyachuk, A.D. Kulchitskiy, O.R. Onufriv


At temperatures T<100 K in colored crystals, there are four types of complementary pairs of color centers. They are the following: (FA-VK), (FA-VKA (1)), (FA (1)-VK), (FA (1)-VKA)-couples, and at T>200 K the is only one type of color centers such as (MA+-VKA)-pary. Mechanisms that lead to changing patterns of color centers and relaxation crystal energy stored during exposure are analysed. The research has shown that thermal discoloration is caused by crystal hole processes and thermal radiation-induced color centers occur as the result of ionic processes.


crystals; radiation; color centers; complementary pairs

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