Evaluation of Dobrotvir TPS Surveying Indicators for Surface Water of Surrounding Areas

V.V. Snitynskyy, O.P. Kovalchuk, R.S. Shkumbatyuk


The impact of Dobrotvir thermal power station on water body is examined. Water quality as to hydrological indicators in the area of Dobrotvir operation and adjacent territories is analyzed. The main heavy metals that appear in the water environment as a result of the power plant work. It is established that the content of heavy metals in the studied samples largely complies with the MPC, but there are some excess. Four test points of water objects at different distances and directions from Dobrotvir TPP are investigated and analyzed.


pollutants; heavy metals; water pollution; Hydroecological analysis; water quality.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15421/40260342


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