The Efficiency of the Radioecological Control of the Forestry Products in Ukrainian Polissia in the Remote Period after Chernobyl Catastrophe

V.P. Krasnov, T.V. Kurbet, I.V. Davydova, S.V. Sukhovetska


The generalization and the analysis of the results reported by the laboratory of radiation control of the forestry products in Zhytomyr oblast in the period from 1998 to 2013 are done. Gradual reduction of the number of the examined samples for determining radiation contamination levels is observed. It is detected that the major part of samples having radionuclides content above the established norms appeared to be taken from fruit bodies of edible mushrooms, wild berries, medicinal plants as well as wild gaming animals. The less quantity of samples with high radionuclide content was taken from wood and birch sap.


radionuclides; soil radiation contamination; radionuclide specific activity; forestry products; radiation control

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