Structure Identification Method of Models Fermentation at Biogas Plants Using Bee Colony Algorithm

N.P. Porplytsya, I.V. Hural, M.P. Dyvak


Being one of the urgent humanity problems, the accumulation of municipal solid organic waste requires their disposal via biogas plants. That is why the purpose of this work is a detailed analysis of structure identification method of interval discrete dynamic model (IDDM) construction based on behavioral models of bee colonies and reducing computational complexity by improving ways to implement its operators. This method provides coverage expansion decision region of structure identification and creates an effective mechanism to identify local minima objective function. In our work we propose to increase the degree of heterogeneity of coverage by increasing the degree of nonlinearity formula for calculating that in terms of the behavioral model of bee colonies, quantitatively determines the intensity of research nectar sources, but in terms of the problem of structure identification of IDDM - the amount generated "structures-descendants". Therefore, for research we proposed to use the expression, which is based on quadratic dependence of the number generated based on the current structure of IDDM "structures-descendants" from the value of the objective function d(l5). We also propose the implementation of explorer-bees phase using the same quadratic dependence (amount generated by the current structure of interval discrete dynamic model "structure-descendants" of the purpose function) as it reduces the computational complexity of using structure identification's method. To conclude we should claim that our work improved way to implement some operators of the structure identification method, which is based on behavioral models of bee colonies. Experimental researches of the computational complexity the structure identification method showed that the most effective way to implementat the phase of explorer-bees activity (from the behavioral model of the bee's colony) is applying quadratic dependence of the amount of the generated "structures-descendants" based on the current structure IDDM from the value of the objective function d(l5).


structure identification; bee colony algorithm; interval discrete dynamic model; fermentation; biogas plant

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