Fire Hazard of Raw Materials Preparation at Oil and Fat Producing Enterprises

V.V. Fedorovskyi, R.B. Veselivsky


Being one of the most important industries in Ukraine oil and fat production enlists more than 1,200 enterprises involved in the production of oils, margarine and processing of raw material. Considering that the overall gross yield of oilseeds is growing every year, issues related to fire safety during transportation, storage and processing are to be studied. The research deals with the causes of fires at the enterprises of oil and fat production. Among the production processes resulting in increased fire danger are as follows: storage and transportation of raw materials and oil; the process of cleaning, caving, pressing the material; storage, transportation of auxiliary materials; refining and deodorization of fats; dry and wet-heat processing of raw materials, etc. The necessity to ensure the safety of area and production facilities, safe operation of the equipment and organization technological processes, the protection of workers from harmful and dangerous production factors, maintenance of production facilities and jobs caused by using fire and explosive substances and materials which under certain conditions (temperature, pressure, concentration of dangerous substances, etc.) can cause spontaneous ignition and combustion. We have estimated that the process of drying or conditioning of seeds increased fire danger. Consequently this process is accompanied by subsidence and the accumulation of raw materials on pits roughnesses, ducts, augers, and places of their connections. We have concluded that technological equipment, vehicles, pipelines, and valves are explosive places where under related conditions like heat or open flame spontaneous combustion, fire and explosion may occur and therefore the destruction of equipment, structures and buildings follow. In conclusion, we propose some measures to enhance the fire safety of the enterprises of oil and fat production, namely: control system, alarm system, regulation of processes, the protection and blocking dangerous technological units, start and stop (emergency) of equipment, etc.


fire; spontaneous combustion; drying; ignition source; technological process

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