The Adaptability and Peculiarities of Growth of Ponderosa Pine (Pinus Ponderosa L.) Subcpecies in the Provenance Tests in Kharkiv Region

I.S. Neyko, S.A. Los, O.M. Plotnikova


The adaptability, condition and productivity of subspecies in provenance tests are carried out. The comparative analysis of growth intensity, selection structure and condition was presented. The subspecies of Pinus ponderosa sub species ponderosa (Douglas ex Lawson) was determined from the other predominance in height, better selection structure and condition in Kharkiv region. The aggregate estimation of preservation, productivity, quality and condition are dominated of the origin of these tree subspecies 819 (Darbi, M), 865 (Bend, OR) and 866 (Okanogan, W).


ponderosa pine; productivity; adaptation; provenance tests

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