Stratum Evaluation of Biotic Productivity of Forests of National Nature Park "Prypiat-Stokhid"

O.M. Melnyk


According to the results of research the structure and general volume of phytomass of forests of National Park "Prypiat-Stokhid" within land-users (land-owners), nature-protective scientific and research divisions and forest-forming species are shown. By-stratum method of phytomass components evaluation was used in calculations. Aggregated database "Forest fund of Ukraine" in condition of 01.01.2013 served as work mass of data. Sampling of database was 3712 strata covered with forest plants of forest plots, particularly according to groups of forest-forming tree species: soft-leaved – 1705, conifer – 1702 and hard-leaved – 305 species. The grouping of calculations of average density of phytomass of forests of National Nature Park "Prypiat-Stokhid" was conducted by quarters.


National Nature Park "Prypiat-Stokhid"; taxation plot; phytomass structure; phytomass density; biotic productivity of forests

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