Experimental Database of the Research of Pine Stands Artificial Biomass of South Pridneprovsky Polissya

S.S. Kovalska


Taxation descriptions of studied region forestry are processed. The most representative areas for laying temporary plots are chosen. The results of field and laboratory studies were processed on a PC using a specially developed application, containing collected material for assessing biotic productivity of artificial pine stands of South Pridneprovsk Polissia. Silvicultural-taxation characteristics of experimental data are described. It will develop adequate mathematical models of biomass and mortmass stands by their individual components such as wood trunk in the bark, bark, trunk, branches crone and needles, dead wood, wood broken, and stumps in artificial pine stands, build a system of regulatory -information provision of basic research and biotic parameters taxation stands, assess their impact on the ecological environment.


South Prydniprovsk Polissya; biomass; mortmass; temporary plots; representation; age; guality class; completeness; type of site conditions

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15421/40260112


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