The Future Use of Container Planting-Stock of English Oak (Quercus Robur L.) for the Creation of Forest Cultures

P.P. Yavorovskiy, Yu.Yu. Segeda


Some perspectives of the use of container planting-stock are shown for the creation of forest cultures in the conditions of fresh hornbeam-oak grove on the example of the experience of Smila State Forestry Enterprise of Tcherkasy area of Ukraine. The container plants of English oak prevail above a herbal vegetation and are less than ill, does not need acclimatization and get at transplantation from a container into permanent place of growth additional volume of the ground and light feed already during the first vegetation period 25-40 centimeters that allows to shorten the amount of annual cares of forest cultures on 1-2 times and to provide already on 3-4 of transfer of forest cultures into the category of areas covered with the forest due to their sufficient growth.


forest regeneration; forest cultures; English oak; container planting-stock; biometrical indexes; areas covered with the forest

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