Applying the Express Method of Chlorophyll Fluorescence Induction in the Studies of Cossack Juniper (Juniperus Sabina L.) "Blue Danube" Vitality in Urban Conditions in the City of Lviv

T.I. Shuplat


Some features of the influence of anthropogenic traffic pollution on the vitality and aesthetic quality of decorative bush cultivars of Cossack juniper (Juniperus sabina L.) "Blue Danube", which grows in different urban environmental conditions in the city of Lviv are highlighted. We studied the impact on the vitality shown by the example of functioning of the pigment photosynthetic needles apparatus, which constantly undergoes the influence of transport pollutant emissions. The samples collected were researched in the laboratory using chlorophyll fluorescence induction method, based on the set of scientific methods.


Cossack juniper; chlorophyll fluorescence; expresses analysis; species; cultivar; pigments; pollution; transport loading

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