Introduced Population as a Main Element for the Formation of Botanical Exposition and for Optimization of Urban Ecosystems

M.I. Shumyk


Somepatternsofadaptivevariabilityduringtheformationofpopulationstructureintheconditionsofintroductionarefound. Thefactorslimitingmicroevolutionprocessesandmanagementcapabilitiesbyspeedofdevelopmentalacclimatizationofspecieswereinvestigated. Application of the method of introduction of a population in the urban landscape optimization systems requires a transition from the introduction at the level of the specimen to the introduction at ecotype (phenological class) and population. The process of creating a sustainable and eco-efficient introduced population requires support for a high level of heterogeneity in the initial stage, sufficient for micro-evolutionary change needed for optimization and sustainable development urban ecological systems. Ecotype differentiation is the basis of the adaptive capacity of species and the priority is the introduction of diverse ecotypes followed by artificial selection plants resistant to adverse factors.


microevolution; introduced population; adaptation; ecotype; urban ecological systems

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