Picea pungens Engelm in Urban Dendroflora of Industrial Towns in South-eastern Ukraine

Ye.P. Suslova


Some achievements of the research with Picea pungens Engelm in planting of industrial towns at south-eastern Ukraine are presented. The species representativeness is determined for urban plantings of various kinds including parks, public gardens and streets, as well as the age of plants and their vital capacity. The species representation in plantations ranges from 3 per cent in parks and street plantations to 16 per cent in public gardens. In park zones and street plantations the age of trees is between 10 and 50 years old while in public gardens up to 40 years old. It is specified that with Picea pungens in the age of 30 years old there appear the signs of aging and reduction of vital capacity. The conclusion is made that in the plantings of industrial towns the old Picea pungens trees require substitution for young plants as soon as they reach the age of 40 years old (for public gardens) and 50 years old (for parks and street plantations).


urban dendroflora; kind of plantings; vital capacity; age category

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15421/40260328


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