The Dynamics of Carbon Storage in Oak (Quercus Robur L.) Stem Biomass of Theofania Park

Yu.S. Prokopuk, M.V. Netsvetov


Within the last 220 years the dynamics of carbon storage in stem biomass from age-old pedunculate oaks has been assessed using the tree-ring chronology. The study site was an urban forest Theofania Park in Kyiv. In this research we revealed the trend to increase in annual oak stem biomass with the age and respectively increase in the carbon fixation. The maximum carbon storage 20 kg per year occurs in the oak stem at the age of 190-220. An annual value of carbon storage in the stem of old-age oak is almost twice as much as in 60-80 years aged trees. Oak forest of Theofania Park is highly productive and the rates of carbon stocks in the stem biomass of oak trees have considerably grown for the last decades, which constitute about 1.79 tons of carbon per tree.


carbon storage; tree-ring chronology; stem wood; age-old oaks

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