Study of State and Dynamics of Forest Fund of Kharkiv Region on the Example of Gutyansky Forestry

V.V. Nazarenko


The state and dynamics of Gutyansky forestry forest fund is shown. The dynamics of forest fund within the land categories for the period from 1970 up to 2011 has been analyzed. Acreage division according to the prevailing tree species has been presented. It is also noticed that increasing in the area of main forest forming species and decreasing of secondary ones indicates the positive methods of forest management. The comparison of present and optimal forest stands division due to aged groups has been done. Having analyzed average tax indices, significant increasing of plantations age and losses of annual growth have been fixed. Both positive and negative moments of forest stand growth and development have been revealed.


forest fund; Gutyansky forestry; tax indices; forest management materials; forest stand; stock; increment

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